Chronic, uncontrolled complement activity and endothelial damage puts patients with aHUS at risk of life-threatening complications1-4

TMA lesions from repeated endothelial injury can progress toward irreversible tissue damage2,4,5

  • Elevated Baseline of
    Complement Activity

  • Chronic
    Complement Activity

  • Complement Mediated

  • Ischemia

  • Progressive Organ

Individual with aHUS

  • The assembly of multiple C5b-9 complexes on the surface of endothelial cells causes endothelial injury and platelet activation3,6-8
  • Binding of C5a to the C5a receptor results in a decrease in the endothelium's anticomplement and antithrombogenic properties3,7,9,10
  • Disrupted endothelial cells3,11:
    • Release complement-activating microparticles, resulting in a vicious cycle of endothelial activation, complement amplication, and ongoing endothelial injury
    • Release prothrombotic coagulation proteins, activate platelets, and recruit leukocytes, resulting in the formation of thrombi in small blood vessels throughout the body
  • Effects of aHUS are a result of response to endothelial injury4
    • aHUS can result in damage to glomeruli, arterioles, and arteries
  • Biomarkers of complement activation, inflammation, endothelial cell activation and damage, coagulation, and renal damage (eg, Ba, sTNFR1, sVCAM-1, D-dimer, U-Cystatin C) are elevated in patients with aHUS12

Patients with aHUS experiencing a TMA manifestation can develop organ damage rapidly1,13,14

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