Natural complement regulators are required for control of the complement system1,2

  • Complement activation is continuously occurring3-6
  • Complement can be amplified by everyday occurrences such as bacterial and viral infections, allergies, and other trauma4,7-9

aHUS results from chronic, uncontrolled complement activity that leads to progressive and life-threatening complications13

While identification of a specific mutation can have prognostic implications, mutation identification overall has no impact on clinical outcome14,15

  • 30%-50% of patients with aHUS have no currently identifiable genetic mutation16,17
The number of new genetic abnormalities discovered in patients with aHUS continues to increase over time14,18-20

* Mutations consisted of membrane cofactor protein (MCP), complement factor H (CFH), and factor I (CFI). No mutation identified: n=81. Mutation identified: n=60.14,15

Mutations consisted of MCP, CFH, CFI, complement component 3 (C3), and thrombomodulin (THBD). No mutation identified: n=119. Mutation identified: n=116.14,15

Regardless of whether or not a mutation is identified, patients with aHUS have similarly devastating outcomes14,15

Identification of genetic complement mutations is not required for aHUS diagnosis or management decisions21,22

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