What can a OneSource Nurse Case Manager do for you?

Whether you have a general question or are seeking help with funding options or arranging therapy, OneSource is here to help:


OneSource Nurse Case Managers work with people with aHUS every day. Feel free to ask them questions about aHUS. They can provide answers and send you useful educational resources.

Shared connections

If you want to speak with someone who knows what you're going through, your OneSource Nurse Case Manager can put you in touch with another person also living with the disease.

We respect patient confidentiality

When you call OneSource with a general question about aHUS, we don't need special permission to share information with you. More often, however, people contact OneSource when they have specific questions regarding their own situation. When the conversation involves your medical condition or financial options, we’ll need your written permission to work with others to gather and share answers with you.

Remember, information provided by OneSource is meant to add to what you have learned from your doctor. Only you and your doctor can decide how best to monitor and manage your disease.

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